Jason & LaraJacksonville, FL residents Jason Decker and Lara Ortiz depart Trinidad & Tobago in February 2010, bound for New Zealand.

This our blog, and here we tell the story of 2 sailors crossing the Pacific for the first time, together, on their way to make a new life (at least for a little while) on the other side of the world. We’ll be working our way west as crew with boats that are part of a rally to cross the Pacific, called the Pacific Puddle Jump, so we’ll have over 100 boats to connect and communicate with along the way. The trip is estimated at 7 months’ time, and during that time, we’ll be learning the intricacies of passagemaking aboard an assortment of boats, from sloops to cats to ketches. We hope to arrive in New Zealand by October 2010, so Lara can activate her work visa.

Follow us on our travels, and we’ll blog lessons learned, share tips for destinations, and post pictures of what we find along the way. Wish us fair winds and following seas!