The supply lists keep getting longer, and I get the feeling we’ll have to start making some hard decisions soon.

Wetsuits: John’s sister, Paula, and I chatted on Facebook this week, and she mentioned she has a wetsuit I may be able to use. She says she bought it for her trip with John and Jean to Galapagos and hasn’t used it since. I hadn’t even thought about the cold waters off the eastern side of the Pacific! There’s another thing for the list.

Reading material: I’ve succumbed to the idea of getting a Kindle. When you think about it, 160,000 books in less than 1lb vs. the weight of 10 books in a suitcase is sort of an open and shut case.

Listening pleasures: Jason really . . . and I mean REALLY . . . wants a guitar. He has his sights set on a Baby Taylor, and I think I’ve been charged with acquiring it for him for the Decker double header next week. (His bday and Christmas are two days apart.) Thing is, I have anxiety about how we’re going to fit it all on the plane. Surfboard, computers, iPods, foulie gear, clothes, towels, PFDs, wetsuits, dry bags, backpacks, sunscreen . . . and a guitar. I understand the romance of teaching oneself to strum a six-string while sailing across the ocean blue, but how about the rest of us? It is better than a harmonica, but you get my drift. We’ll see what Santa says. He might come after we’ve got everything else packed.