Hi guys! No, we’re not dead, we just spent the weekend at Tobago Race Week. Jason and I that is. John stayed behind and cracked the whip, and it seems Kijro is almost ready! We owe you all kinds of details on lots of events, so as a quick teaser, I’ll let you know what’s been up:

  • J’Ouvert
  • Carnival Tuesday
  • Passage to Tobago (aka Lara Can’t Hang)
  • Race Week
  • Limin’ in Tobago
  • Manta Ray Sighting!
  • Sushi Breakfast (aka Jellyfish Sea or Jason’s Passage from Hell)

I realize we owe some info on each of these, so in the next couple of days, as we scramble to put the finishing touches on Kijro, I’ll make an effort to fill in the blanks. Right now, I’m going to join the cruisers at TTSA for the weekly cruiser potluck and barbecue.

Until next time!

xoxo, Lara