Hi everyone,

So as long as the powers that be don’t change something again, we will be transiting the Panama Canal today.  We pick up our onboard advisor at 2:30 today and will head for the canal sometime after that.  Tahina has someone standing by to alert everyone when we are in the canal. Monitor the Tahina blog at www.tahinaexpedition.com after 2 and you’ll know when to go the the canal website.


Tahina will be the large catamaran with dark blue sail covers. She has an orange kayak on her starboard (that’s right) bow, and the logo on the sail cover and side of the cabin top is a large yellow sun with a bird flying in front of it.

Look for us in the Gatun lock. Tomorrow mid morning we should be at Miraflores lock, maybe like 10-10:30 a.m.


Jason & Lara