Mall Food Court

We took a day off on Wednesday after making significant progress on the list and went to the mall. We had heard Panama was a Mecca for shopping, and we can now confirm it.

I needed a few new pairs of shorts since I have lost a fair amount of weight on this trip. It turns out that climbing around on boats, balancing continually, and working in the hot tropical heat is a pretty good weight-loss program. Bonus!

Anyway, back to the mall trip. . . We walked into the Albrook Mall, and it seemed pretty normal, but then after walking around a bit, we started to notice the diversity of shops and the prices. Oh my, the prices! Everything is SOOOO cheap. Get this: Diesel jeans $80, French Connection shirts $20, Kenneth Cole shoes $64 (I actually caved and bought a pair), local brand shorts $12 (very Old Navy), and khaki pants $17. Lara finally pulled me out of the mall, reminding me of the space limitations we have, even on Tahina. You can literally get anything you could get in NY, LA, Las Vegas for 1/2 or less. If you ever make it to Panama, bring an empty suitcase.